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The Russian Toy itself is an energetic and nimble dog with a very playful attitude - this is a dog that really loves life! Their character is very terrier-like in being very daring and courageous, but rarely shows the typical hostility and aggression that terriers often get bad press for.
Like any dog, the Russian Toy is naturally territorial in order to ensure the safety of their owner, their pack, and their property. This territorial and loyal nature means that the Russian Toy is perfect for not only watch dog duties, but as a companion dog – they love laps and cuddles!
Many Russian Toys over the world can be seen Heelwork to Music, Cannicross, Obedience and they excel at Agility.
When properly socialised the Russian Toy is perfect with other dogs, and even gets on with other animals when properly introduced. Our cat and our Russian Toys get on fantastic with one another! They’re easy to train, and when trained through a fair and patient methods will reward their owners with an obedient and loving dog great with older children and other animals. This is a dog that is not recommended for families with very young children, as they could unintentionally harm such a small dog.
Russian Toys come in two typical coat varieties; long haired and smooth coated. We currently have both at Ollarena. whether long or smooth coated. The recognised colour combinations are Black and tan, brown and tan, blue and tan, lilac and tan. Red of any shade, with or without black, brown, blue or lilac overlay. Fawn, cream. Richer shades in all colours preferred. White markings not permitted.

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The pappies are 3 month old. Those who share their homes with our puppies often describe them as intelligent and loyal, and, above all, possessing the desire to please their owners. Corgis are generally good with children and well-mannered in the home. Corgi is usually an exceptionally obedient dog.